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About US

The Future of Money
High performance and low fee independent pool. We are here to grow Cardano’s vision of providing banking services to the entire world. We provide fast one-on-one support!
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Why Us? 

Advanced Crypto Pool is positioned to be a top 10% staking pool and the following are the top reasons to delegate to the “ACT” Pool! Thank you for joining us!

How You’re Protected

We are utilizing the best security, redundancy and monitoring practices to provide our delegates with the best possible return!

120K Declared ADA Pledge – Single pool Operator

Our pool pledge is valued over $150,000 US Dollars! (ADA price of 1.55) and is a primary indicator of our commitment to you our delegator! 

Again, We are a single pool operator and our primary focus is the upkeep of our pool and to you our delegator!

Maximum Rewards

120,000 ADA pledge

PLUS 1.99% pool margins

PLUS 100% dedicated server up-time equals maximum rewards for ACT delegates!

Highly Experienced

Our team has developed numerous web, mobile and gaming applications over the past 20 years that have generated tens of millions of dollars of revenue globally. We know technology and we know how to build global communities.

Fresh Ideas

As you can already tell, we have great marketing and branding. We will be offering the best service to you!  Check out our You Tube link below!

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